So what’s new?

Monthly Memberships

For those who are regulars at the Studio, we now have a monthly membership option which gives you better value, without the hassle of running out of pack credits. For $225 per month (with an automatic credit card charge) you can come to the studio as often as you like, and book up to 50 sessions in advance. There is a minimum of one months commitment, and you can cancel at any time. Please read the full terms and conditions when purchasing.

Price Changes

A single group Pilates session is now $28.00
A 10 pack of Group Pilates sessions now costs $270.00
We now have a Starter Pack for new clients. $160 includes an Initial Assessment AND 6 group session credits.
1-on-1 sessions are now $50.00 for 1/2 hour and $90.00 for a full hour. These can be used for private Pilates sessions and Program Upgrades.

Advance Bookings

Monthly memberships can book up to 50 sessions in advance – so that if you come in twice a week, you can book nearly 6 months in advance.
Those who purchase the single group sessions or the 10-packs can book as far ahead as their pre-paid credits will allow. For example if you buy a 10-pack and come in once a week, you can book up to 10 weeks in advance.

Sharing pre-paid credits with family.

Unfortunately, our new system does not allow any connection or sharing of credits between accounts. I believe that the software developers have this in the pipeline, but no definite date when it might be implemented. If you were currently sharing credits with another family member, when we bought the balance over to the new system, it was shared evenly between the family members who were using them.

For some of you who are managing credits for kids accounts it will mean that you will have to login separately under their account to do this.